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Reviews for Higgins Sports & Spinal Rehab

Excellent Customer Service

The entire staff is extremely professional and provides excellent customer service. The goal at Higgins Sports is to provide the most innovative and optimum health care to each individual based on root causes for any gaps to ultimate health.

Valerie R.

Listen To Your Body

Fortunately, I’ve never had to be seen by a chiropractor before or never have had any issues with spinal problems. Dr. Cabrera explained in detail of how the spine and nerves controls every part of our movements, etc. He explained the reason of my condition and the procedure that was necessary to correct the problem. This is only my 3rd visit and I can already feel some relief. I still have a ways to go but feeling good about the treatment. I’m sure most people ignore their symptoms, hoping it will pass, as I did. But the truth is, if you don’t listen to your body and have it examined, the condition will get worse and possibly to the point of immobilization!

Debbie R.

Very Positive

Dr. Scott and his staff offer a very positive energy which gives a patient a sense of security. Dr. Scott ensures the patient understands every phase of the visit from exam to diagnosis to recommended treatment. His honest explanation of expected results is refreshing. He does not lead you to believe in miracles but does explain a realistic expectation of results.

Colleen A.

Friendly And Professional

Walking into the office the last two days I was met by two smiling, friendly, professional associates. Great job – both of you! The reception area was clean, very organized, updated and welcoming. The check-in process very simple I appreciate the detailed explanations of my issues and the process to address them. I departed the building after the initial examine thinking this could be an example for other doctors and their staffs to follow. All three of you have created a welcoming environment that is friendly, efficient and comfortable. Thank you.

Charlie S.

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